Monday, November 22, 2010

Distributor to coil on plug or coil pack ignition conversion?

i have a 91 chevy c1500 tbi obd1 with a 305 bored to .60nds over 9.5:1 compression heads and a mild cam but i have heard a lot about how much more powerful and efficiant the coil on plug systems are compared to distributor ignition and i was wanting to check out how i might go about finding a kit to convert as far as i can see the only real problems i will have are the cps and ignition timing...i got to thinking and since i have have recently upped the amount of gas that is poured into each cylinder that maybe it would benefit me at higher rpms where distributors have a hard time keeping up to change to c.o.p or coil pack to get a little more umpff....i am not all that experienced in performance although i have been and still am a technitian.....would this be worth the time or do they make a better distributor that would benefit me just the same.....tell me what you think and if you know of any kits or whatever i would like to know and check them out for myselfDistributor to coil on plug or coil pack ignition conversion?
While the coil over plug set up would offer better top end performance, I have never seen a kit that offers this kind of conversion. you are looking at a completely different computer. It could be had with a 2nd computer to control the coil packs. but you are also looking at different cam and crank sensors to keep the packs firing correctly. Unless there is something to install inside the distributor to maintain timing. I don't know how you would mount the sensors. Going with an MSD ignition should resolve you top end performance and would be more cost effective then a coil over plug set up.Distributor to coil on plug or coil pack ignition conversion?
All you need is an HEI distributor and a MSD 6AL box. You could even get a fancy MSD distributor if you want. Leave the coil packs for the newer LS engines with fuel injection.
just buy a MSD or similar aftermarket ignition system....... they have them on the shelf at any parts store........the ones on the shelf are good to about 800 horses so u should b ok..........

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